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Who We Are

RedX Media was established with one single goal in mind, provide the best yet affordable services to our many customers with the help of the most advanced technologies available in the market.

We are a bunch of creatives who love what we do and strive to provide unique solutions through innovation and creativity. We've been around for more than 15 years in which we have grown from the ground up and are proud to say that we provide the best Kiosk, Photography, Videography and Event Management solutions in not just the UAE region but also across the Middle East and India


Our Kiosk Mission

Interactive Kiosks is a kind of Digital Signage that users and audiences can easily interact with it via touch, emotion or voice. Interactive touch kiosks are used to transfer and announce visual information of products, services and much more information to the public. Display system utilized in this interactive computer kiosk uses LCD, LED or projection screen to illustrate visual graphical content. Nowadays various kinds of interactive kiosks are emerging and you can easily come across them anywhere. From lobby of hotels to reception of hospitals, museums, restaurants, subways and etc.

Core Values


Redx media Interactive kiosks are designed with different functionalities to provide information and services to all customers.

Commerce & Retail

The shopping surfaces are an area of commerce but also of leisure where the multimedia kiosk or digital billboards can take on many functions.
With an interactive kiosk in large shopping areas, it has never been so easy for customers to be aware of all the news concerning the most diverse brands.

Tourism & Hotel sectors

In the Tourism & Hotel sectors, interactive kiosks and digital billboards play a fundamental role,


Redx Media

Palakkad - Kerala - INDIA

+91 7591 963 151, 8089 282 200


Redx Media

Abu Dhabi , Dubai -UAE

+971 56 5680050 , +971 56 5680060

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